Saturday, April 27, 2013

99 Cent Special!!!

For a *limited* time only, I am offering my full-length novel, Priceless Desire, the Billionaire Seduction for 99 cents!

So far, it is getting great reviews on Amazon and I am looking to spread the word! So please feel free to tell your friends, and of course, I would appreciate reviews!

I am currently only offering this deal on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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Here's the teaser -
Ballet dancer, Samantha Lane, finds herself pressured into selling her beloved dance studio. A chance encounter with a sexy mystery man, leads to an erotic evening that changes her life in more ways than one. Samantha finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance, and passionate physical affair, with handsome and powerful billionaire, Logan Stone. However, Samantha's ex-boyfriend can't let Samantha go, especially when he finds out that Samantha is jet-setting across the globe with her new boyfriend. Just when Samantha thinks she has it all, her past threatens to take it all away. This book is intended for mature audiences. 77,000 + words *This book compiles all 5 installments of the Billionaire Seduction series*

Sneak peek of what's inside:
Logan gave an involuntary shudder before standing up and pulling Samantha with him. Years of ballet allowed Samantha to wrap daintily around Logan’s body, and Logan easily moved towards the bedroom.
Their kiss deepening, Samantha pressed her breasts against Logan, the thin material of her dress and bra being the only thing that kept her breasts from grazing his thick chest.
“The things I want to do to you,” Logan gasped as he dropped Samantha on the bed. Scooting up the bed, Samantha eyed Logan with a look of innocence that was purely seductive. Logan paused as he hovered over the bed, and Samantha’s eyes traveled south as she took in the hard mass that now struggled against his pants. Samantha marveled that this beautiful specimen could be aroused by her own doing and quickly sat up before pulling her dress over her head. She fell back onto the bed, her hair pooling out behind her. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Secret Desires

I've been thinking a lot lately about our secret desires. The things we fantasize about,  but keep buried deep inside of us.

We all have them. Fantasies, taboos, experiences we want to try. Some of us are brave enough to act on these dark wishes of ours. But others of us, keep them locked away, pining.

I have secret desires too. And given my vivid imagination, they usually make their way into my stories, blossoming into something bigger and more elaborate than I could have originally imagined.

That is what has been happening with my new story. It's fun living out my fantasies ;)

And I hope you enjoy them too.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Celebrity

Here is the second part to the Celebrity series. I really enjoyed writing this second part, and I loved how the chemistry continued to build between Chloe and Finn! And I liked reliving some of my own hot memories ;)

Here's a brief description and a snippet. (I'm getting turned on just thinking about the scenes between Chloe and Finn!)

Chloe is still reeling from her elicit kiss with Finn and she's afraid to tell her fiance. Yet, Ben has been distant which sets off a fateful chain of events. Confused and angry, Chloe finds herself at Finn's condo, and she can resist him no longer. Yet in the midst of her time with Finn, she discovers an upsetting secret about Ben that changes everything. Readers 18+ sexually explicit
Groaning, Finn pushed Chloe up against the window and Chloe felt the cool glass against her warm body. Finn’s hands clasped her face, cradling her gently, and then the slid slowly down her arms. Chloe moaned as Finn’s hands traveled down her sides and then untucked her shirt from her skirt. He wrapped his hands around her back and slowly slid them under her shirt.
Chloe thought she had felt aroused, but feeling Finn’s hands splayed across the bare skin of her back, truly aroused her. She pressed her body hard against him and she felt his erection hard against her belly.

Available at:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who Doesn't Want to Sleep with A Celebrity?

So, my final short story series revolves around a love triangle of sorts that involves a celebrity.

If you saw my earlier post, I mentioned that this series is very loosely based on a real experience I had. I was in a committed relationship that was rocky due to no fault of my own.  Then I stumbled upon a guy who sent my world spinning. Up became down and day became night. I lost my mind. Literally.

He wasn't a world famous celebrity, but he was "famous" enough. I was gaining notice for work I was doing, and being connected to him catapulted me into the limelight.

Of course it became a disaster. A Beautiful Disaster. And I carried this story with me for a long time, and had been wanting to write it for a while.

The first story is free (B&N, Smashwords, KOBO), so please enjoy!!

And to all the haters out there who don't like girls who cheat on their boyfriends - oh well! Life isn't perfect. Sometimes that happens. Things get messy. People screw up and so do fictional characters. Take your moral high-horse and go ride it somewhere else.


Chloe is ecstatic to discover that she has been cast in her first Broadway show. She and her handsome fiance, Ben, celebrate and Chloe soon learns that an A-lister celebrity will be cast opposite of her. Ben's jealous tendencies go into overdrive when they learn it's none other than sexy, reformed bad boy Finn Harrison. When Finn crosses the line, Chloe must try to resist her deep desire. Age 18+ Explicit material
Peek of what's inside:
“Chloe,” he pleaded, his voice husky. “Let’s makeup.”
Chloe felt a small smile; she and Ben always had great makeup sex.
“I don’t know,” she said sullenly, wanting to make him work for it.
“Chloe,” he pleaded desperately, “I need to have you. Especially after being a douche. Not to mention seeing you in this dress.”
“Fine,” she assented, giving him a coy glance as she slid up the bed away from him.
“You’re making me work for it,” he realized, clearly aroused. He crawled across the bed, climbing on top of Chloe and pinning her down.
“Oh!” Chloe gasped, as Ben held her in place, his tongue tracing the delicate curve of her neck.
Chloe writhed beneath him, feeling her heart quicken as the blood pumped in her veins. Hungrily, Ben shoved her dress up her thighs and he moaned softly when he saw her mesh thong. He reached down with one of his hands and tugged the material down her thighs.

Available at:

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello Slacker!

So, I have been seriously slacking on this blog - as you can see. My last post was in November. That is sad.

New goal!! My goal is to start posting at least twice a week and then hopefully work my way up from there!

I have been busy with a few other stories - which I will list soon. It was a story that I had been wanting to tell for awhile,  because it is very loosely, and I mean loosely, based on an experience that I had about seven years ago.  But more about that later!!

I also know that people are getting tired of the short stories for $2.99 that leave you hanging for more. At first, I liked the idea because I was flexing my new writing chops (for pay) and writing a full-length book was daunting and scary. And what if you didn't like it??

But after a year of trying out short stories, I'm ready to offer you  full-length books. Because I know that's what you want, and that is what I want too - as an author and reader!

So, I have put out my last short story series and have begun working on full-length ebooks. So, it will be longer between stories, but I figured you don't mind.

First and foremost though, I have compiled my Billionaire Seduction Series into one volume, making for a full length book! And it's getting great reviews so far. Please check it out!!

Barnes and Noble

Thanks for checking this blog out and please check back for more info. I'll be putting up my new series soon and then following that by a book!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spoken For

The Billionaire Seduction Series Part 5

Samantha has decided to make the most important decision of her life - agreeing to marry the man of her dreams, handsome mega-billionaire Logan Stone. Her whirlwind life becomes the stuff of fairy tales as she and Logan continue to push their sexual boundaries. But when her ex-boyfriend Brent catches wind of her hasty plans, he becomes obsessive, unable to let Samantha go. Explicit sex Readers 18+

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you all night,” he whispered. Samantha melted in his arms. Logan scooped her up like a baby doll and carried her back to the bedroom. He tossed Samantha on the bed and quickly climbed on top of her. Hungrily, Samantha spread her legs and her dark skirt fanned out as she showed the sweet forbidden spot between her legs.
Logan made a sound deep in his throat and he leaned down to kiss her, as his right hand moved steadily up her thigh, until he was running his long fingers against her silk panties. Samantha knew she was already wet and ready for Logan, but she writhed beneath him anyway as she kissed him.
Logan caressed her, and then deftly slid her panties down, feeling Samantha’s warm, swollen arousal. He smiled wickedly at her before scooting down the bed and moving his mouth across her aching sex.

Barnes and Noble

Love and Domination

The Billionaire Seduction Series Part 4

After finding Logan having an intimate lunch with another woman, Samantha flees Venice, her heart destroyed. Back home, she finds him on her porch, begging her to hear him out. Samantha refuses, but that doesn't stop Logan from possessing her in the shower and reminding her of what they shared. This time around, Samantha finds herself falling even harder for sexy Logan. Hot, graphic sex 18+

A sexy tidbit of what's inside:
Logan said nothing as he placed the foil packet in the soap dish and his hands moved over her sopping breasts, his thumbs running gently over her nipples, before he grasped each breast tightly, squeezing and twisting them under his large hands. Samantha moaned as she arched her back, pushing her breasts forward into Logan’s waiting hands. He took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling at them as they elongated under his touch. He twisted her nipples as hot pleasure traveled directly to her sex.
Taking her cues from Logan, Samantha’s hands traveled down his muscular back, her fingers grazing at the thick muscles below his skin. Her hands found Logan’s ass, and she gripped him as tightly as she could, forcing Logan to push harder against her body. Logan gasped from Samantha’s boldness and he wasted no more time, blindly grasping for the foil packet and ripping it open. Skillfully, he rolled it down his shaft, groaning as he grasped Samantha’s right leg and wrapped it around his waist.

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